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The first and original. Only by Ultramagic! The world’s leading competition balloon.

In 1996 Ultramagic made a giant step forward in the world of competition ballooning. The Racer was born. This was the first time that a balloon had been designed, developed and produced especially for the demanding requirements of balloon competition. The goal was to produce a balloon with such a shape so as to perform the maximum rate of ascent and descent whilst avoiding deformation of the envelope, thereby improving the precision on approaching the target.

The MV series (The Racer) is now seen as the “bench mark standard “ of competition balloons, which all others manufacturers strive to match.  The Ultramagic Racer offers stability at speed. We, the inventors of the Racer,  believe that this is very important. Many of the worlds top competition pilots agree on this and will only fly our Racer – the original.

The Racer is a smooth 24 gore design built with safety as well as performance in mind. All Ultramagic Racers come as standard with the parachute and top 5 panels in Ultralast fabric.

This is designed to give extra security should contact be made with the top of the envelope with another balloon during competition use. 6 clear windows are also fitted as standard to help with safety during competition to allow clear overhead vision. A nomex scoop is also included as standard with all Ultramagic Racers.

Parachute deflation is standard. The option of FDS fast deflation system is available as are an extra 6 clear windows.

The smooth shape primary designed for competition shape also makes it very suitable for artwork, making sponors and pilots both happy with the results!!